School sports in South Africa offers a wonderful and organised framework in which our young people can grow character, resilience, grit and have fun. Our young people are also able to connect with many of their peers, thereby building bridges that otherwise would not exist, but are vitally important as we strive to embed and realise our African Dream as a united country.

Dance Sport School & Club League celebrates every child. The dream behind its inception was exactly that – everyone can dance, and every South African child deserves a platform to express themselves! In our case, all you need is a pair of sneakers. Dance is a passion for many, so we created a platform for participation whereby there is no need for costly facilities or infrastructure which excludes many of our young people from opportunity to participate and thrive.

Our curriculum and fixture formatting level the playing field for all participants in that the harder they practice their prescribed moves, and spend time on adding their own flair and creativity within the curriculum (and this can be done anywhere), the better an athlete they become. Our code has been financially self-sufficient since our formal, yet humble, launch in 2015 and our executives – both national and regional – commit their time freely to growing this exciting sport among our schools and clubs.

The next level of our Dance Sport has now launched the Club League in 2022 which promotes the High Performance in our dance athletes in all provinces. If you would like to have your club involved contact us and get involved.

Dance Sport School League was the fervent dream of a few – the dream is now being realised by many. We look forward to hearing from your school and undertake to provide you and your school with the necessary assistance so that Dance Sport can realise your children’s aspirations and character development too.