StreetDance is great exercise: It knows no gender or size; it improves mental abilities; It is a stress reliever; It is a great form of self-discipline; It provides a creative outlet; It is excellent for building confidence. For learners who may not feature in more traditional school sports, choosing dance as a sport will help them to shine and build their self-esteem and in this way we are doing our communities and country a great service.

It is with this in mind that the Street Dance Association was formed and Founded in 2015 by Craig Bullock, Nikki Wiggett, Mandy Bullock & Dave Wiggett to address the need for a formal and recognised platform in school sport.

The SDA is a non-profit company (NPC) with a Board of  Directors: – Craig Bullock, Wayne Jaggard , Mandy Bullock and  appointed Trustees Xenobia VanWyk and Paul Luthando Nqambule  at the helm. SDA is an Associate Member  of The Federation of Dance Sport South Africa who are in turn members of World Dance Sport Federation and SASCOC.

Street Dance Association manages two dance programmes namely Dance Sport School League within academic schools  and Dance Sport Club League within Dance studios or clubs in South Africa and other neighbouring African Countries.

Our association currently issues official Sports Confederation  Provincial Colours through the Federation of Dance Sport South Africa.


Craig Bullock

President Dance Sport School League 

Co-Founder & Director

Wayne Jaggard

Financial Director & Treasurer

Mandy Bullock

President Dance Sport Club League South Africa

Co-Founder & Director

Xenobia VanWyk 

National Secretary

Paul Luthando

Director Special Projects

Daphne Jabber

Competitions Director

Jayson Meyer

Technical Director

Joshua Talmarkes

Communications & Marketing Director


Daphne Jabber

Western Cape

Xenobia VanWyk 


Daniella Jali

Kwazulu Natal